7th Inning Stretch

Okay ladies it is that time of year when you are heading out to the ballpark for a hot dog and a cold beer. You almost made it through the entire game but as you hit “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” you may have realized just how clueless you are about what you have been watching….Don’t worry that is when you secretly sneak off to the bathroom to pull up S&V on your phone and check out this handy dandy chart. Then head back to your seat like you just ran into the starting pitcher’s GF in the ladies room. You’re Welcome!

Batter Up!!!

Batter Up!!!

Draft Day Review

No this isn’t a review on how actual teams did in selecting their top picks this year but rather a movie review of a new film I was eaDraft Daygerly awaiting release.

Not knowing what to expect, I went in with relatively low expectations. I mean Kevin Costner seems to always do a good sports movie but really hasn’t been on the “scene” recently. And can Jennifer Garner really play a believable role as a female sports professional??? Well without giving away any spoilers, I will let you know.

I starting working for the Oakland Raiders about a month before the draft in 2001. It was a very amazing event to be a part of, no I didn’t go to NY. I was just an intern for goodness sakes and a female one at that. I just managed to go “upstairs” a few times where the coaches and scouts would have meeting to discuss the team’s strategy. I was in awe of the white boards, post-it notes and what looked like utter chaos but I am sure there was a method to the madness. I even saw something similar when I worked for the Arena Football team.

How did the film compare to what I experienced?

Draft Day, is a very good football fan movie. Will it be up for an Oscar, highly doubtful. But for your everyday sports fan it is a good look into how things may or may not be run from a coaches, GM and owner standpoint.

Jennifer Garner does play a smart, intelligent female part which I like to see. And I was happy to see they didn’t overexpose her as a sexy female in short skirts and low tops. So I will give her a ring for her performance which leads me to one of my favorite lines she says, “How is it that the ultimate prize in the most macho sport ever invented is a piece of jewelry?”

Team Sports Gear- Where’s the Cute Stuff For the Ladies?

I have been a sports fan since I was a little girl but I haven’t until recently owned a lot of team sports gear. Why? well because I have never felt like the clothing, hats, accessories have really well to be perfectly honest, cute. I put on a jersey and I look like my Dad or Husband. Needless to say I am very grateful to those talented fashion designers out there who have taken a more feminine approach to sports clothing. THANK YOU! Since I am one of the least talented people in this area. Well, I did follow a You Tube video one on how to get a T-Shirt an off the shoulder look.Anyway you get the point, I am leaving the design to the professionals.

My question to you are you excited about this new trend? What about the “It’s My Team” campaign the NFL is running?

“It’s My Team” NFL Campaign

Happy Springtime

After a brief Winter hiatus S&V is back with a variety of new topics including beer, incorporating sports into Adult parties(no not those kind), and a health/fitness challenge. Sports are in full force these days with the NFL draft, playoffs for basketball & hockey and the start of baseball season. We have been active on our Pinterest page so be sure to check out what we are pinning.

Get Out & Enjoy the Sun