Who Are You Most Excited to See Join Your Team???

49er Draft Day

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Team Sports Gear- Where’s the Cute Stuff For the Ladies?

I have been a sports fan since I was a little girl but I haven’t until recently owned a lot of team sports gear. Why? well because I have never felt like the clothing, hats, accessories have really well to be perfectly honest, cute. I put on a jersey and I look like my Dad or Husband. Needless to say I am very grateful to those talented fashion designers out there who have taken a more feminine approach to sports clothing. THANK YOU! Since I am one of the least talented people in this area. Well, I did follow a You Tube video one on how to get a T-Shirt an off the shoulder look.Anyway you get the point, I am leaving the design to the professionals.

My question to you are you excited about this new trend? What about the “It’s My Team” campaign the NFL is running?

“It’s My Team” NFL Campaign

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Happy Springtime

After a brief Winter hiatus S&V is back with a variety of new topics including beer, incorporating sports into Adult parties(no not those kind), and a health/fitness challenge. Sports are in full force these days with the NFL draft, playoffs for basketball & hockey and the start of baseball season. We have been active on our Pinterest page so be sure to check out what we are pinning.

Get Out & Enjoy the Sun

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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

WOW there is so much for me to be thankful for this year I really don’t know where to start. I am newlywed, have an amazing job in this difficult time love this new blog I started and the response from all of you that I have had.

Well this is a sports blog and I for one am not as excited about the food as I am about the games tomorrow. My team the 49ers are off to an amazing start and I rarely get to see them on TV living here in San Diego so my treat will be to see them play.

That brings me to the post of the day. I searched and besides the games, I really didn’t see any sports related home or food items. And since most of the day will be spent lounging around and eating, I am encouraging an activity for your family, friends and neighbors.

Scene From One of My Favorite Movies…Wedding Crashers

You guessed it Touch Football, so I am bringing you the The 32 Rules of Thanksgiving Touch Football. One of the favorite American Thanksgiving pastimes. Enjoy!!!

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Sports Birthday Parties!

Today is a special day 11-11-11. Not only is it a cool date, it is also MY BIRTHDAY!!!! Since I will be out celebrating with friends, I decided to show some of my ultimate favorite birthday parties. Hope you enjoy….

First up is an Adult Party, 60th Birthday to be exact and I am loving this football theme featured on Hostess with the Mostess.

I love this display what a great blend on the Birthday Boy’s favorite team with the Football theme.

Isn’t this golf theme to die for? I just love it!

This incredible birthday was featured on Pizzazzerie.

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